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Stop protecting the past, start saving the future.
Don’t loose your memories, and harvest new ones.


We may not like them but we live in very interesting times. We can communicate with almost everybody on this earth but do we understand each other? Whatever goes wrong, we’re the only ones who can fix it.

We speak in many tongues, but music and art are universal languages.


Since the 80ies of last century I create and visualise stories for public events. In the beginning these stories were assigned by public and commercial institutes and companies. Since the mid 90ies these works became forms of ‘urban storytelling’ as independent artworks. In collaboration as Harkes/Ten Wolde we created and produced a number of ‘image and sound installations’ subsidised by municipalities, government and sponsors. 

But times are changing, budgets are evaporating and many forms of art in public space are no longer of interest for subsidisers. Project scale is shrinking too, but in contradiction with that the importance of the stories grows.


Our world is becoming a collection of huge cities. The buildings are similar, but the stories are different.

Urban storytelling fascinates me. Using public space with all its effects and restrictions, and changing it temporarily into an art theatre to tell a contemporary story, is what I like.  

By my experience urban storytelling gets the best results in a collective and interdisciplinary form. There are no simple solutions for our world, but I am convinced that storytelling is a supporting power in finding new directions for our future society.

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